We spoke too soon!

December had started really well and I’d confidently written an update for the Christmas cards about how settled Daisy has been so far this year. We had started to bedeck the house and Daisy’s elf Missy Twinkletoes had arrived. It was all going well…Daisy’s elf has proven to be very helpful so far this year. We had managed to get the tree up and the lights on it but we decided to leave the ornaments until the next day. To our delight, we woke up the next morning and Missy Twinkletoes had finished decorating the tree for us, she just couldn’t manage the star on the top. I could do with an elf to finish off my jobs all year round!We had such a brilliant time at Center Parcs last year that we booked another Christmas visit for this year. We tried to get all our cards written and presents bought before the weekend so we could enjoy ourselves and not worry about all the Christmas preparations we still needed to do. Daddy had the day off work and got the car loaded up, picked Daisy up from school and then collected Mummy from work before we all set off to Penrith. Daisy seemed happy when we arrived and we managed to get all her equipment unpacked and set up in time for bed. Missy Twinkletoes had travelled on ahead and was waiting for Daisy with a special surprise. She had used Daisy’s old Christmas clothes to make a patchwork quilt for Daisy’s bed. She’s such a clever elf and was just finishing it off when we arrived!Daisy didn’t settle that well on the first night but we thought it was probably just being in a strange room and not have to sights and smells of her own room. We were booked on an Elf hunt on Saturday morning. It was a lovely activity but Daisy was just quite serious and seemed tired. Usually when we tickle her tummy or jiggle her arms and legs, we get big smiles but she just wasn’t amused today. We tried to keep going with our activities though to make the most of our Christmas break.After the Elf hunt we headed to the craft room to design a stocking. Mummy and Daisy already have stockings so we decided to make this one for Daddy. Again, we tried to get Daisy involved by picking the decorations and holding the tubes of glitter glue as we wrote Daddy’s name. She ended up falling fast asleep so Mummy was more than happy to finish off the stocking! We headed to Starbucks for a coffee and some water for Daisy and she seemed brighter when she woke up so we felt much happier about things. In the afternoon, we had a great time decorating Christmas cupcakes. Daisy was able to help us with lots of the decorating steps and seemed to enjoy herself and be more alert than she had been in the morning. We were pretty pleased with our end result and they tasted good too!We had hoped to be joined by Daisy’s Grandma and Granddad for the weekend but unfortunately Daisy’s Great-Grandad Ruffley was very poorly so Grandma Walsh had to stay and look after him. Granddad Walsh managed to come up on Saturday afternoon to join us and provide an extra pair of hands. This ends up being a HUGE help as he weekend goes in! To celebrate Granddad’s arrival, we went for an evening stroll through the Enchanted Forest. All the buildings and trees were illuminated and we got covered in snow. The highlight for Granddad was the singing reindeer, we could’ve left him there just watching them over and over again. Apparently he’d like one of those for the back garden…I’m sure Grandma would be delighted!With the arrival of our resident pyromaniac, the open fire was in full swing and Daisy was more than happy to relax on the sofa after a busy day.On Sunday it was time for Daisy to go to see the main man! She got dressed for the occasion in her Miss Christmas jumper dress.He was fabulous and made us feel so special. He had a big cuddle with Daisy and the elves asked a few questions to make sure that Daisy got the right kind of present. There was no rush and they were happy for us to take our time and try to get some pictures.In the afternoon carried on our traditional of festive pottery painting. Granddad came along too and helped Daisy to do her fingerprints on the Father Christmas bowl. She wasn’t feeling quite right and was pretty sleepy but we tried to involve her as much as we could.We finished the day off with a walk through the lights and a firework display by the lake. It was really lovely and Daisy was more awake again. Although she’d been a bit hit and miss during the weekend in terms of her interaction and interest in activities, we didn’t really think there was anything wrong.Unfortunately Daisy continued to be unsettled and ended up with a raging temperature in the early hours of the morning. With her temp getting worse, not coming down with paracetamol and her beginning to need more oxygen, Daisy began to have a seizure. We had to administer her rescue medicine and thankfully it stopped and didn’t start again. Whilst Daisy was quite drowsy from her rescue meds we had to decide what to do and reluctantly decided to make a dash back to Paediatric A&E at Wigan. I know it might be easier to find the nearest hospital but it’s so much easier to have her treated where they know her and where they know us and listen to our views. We were so grateful to have Granddad with us because it meant that he could head back to Wigan with me and Daisy and Daddy could stay and pack up all our belongings. We would’ve been in a bit of mess if it was just us and Daisy. 

At the hospital, they did the usual tests to try to find out what had caused the temperature and seizure. Daisy’s chest X-ray didn’t seem too bad, although there were a few patches that could be early signs of infection. Her blood tests showed that her infection marker was low so it was either a virus or too soon for the infection to show. She was needing quite a lot of oxygen but we decided to opt for strong oral antibiotics and see if we could manage it at home. She was still feeling really under the weather but bravely tried to go in for the Class 1 Christmas production – they’d been working so hard rehearsing that it would be such a shame for Daisy to miss it. As you. And see from the pictures, she was just not her usual happy and smiley self. Regardless of this, she was an adorable robin and a majestic wise man!!We really tried our best to keep her at home, staying up all night with her, mopping her with cold flannels to try to cool her down but by the end of the week it just wasn’t improving at all. Daisy was admitted to Rainbow Ward and they started IV treatment. They still weren’t sure what they were dealing with because her X-ray was pretty much the same and her blood results were only slightly worse. It was still most likely to be a virus but they started her on a short course of a very general but potent antibiotics that they likened to Domestos!As Daisy started to improved at the start of this week, they suggested that we could have some home leave between doses. We were so relieved as this enabled Daisy to go and visit her Great-Grandad in Wigan and Leigh Hospice. He is very poorly now and had been talking about Daisy since she’d been poorly. We were so pleased that she got to see him and he seemed to happy to see her. He kept reaching out to stroke her and hold her hand. It was so lovely and worth the arm twisting to get home leave. He had been in so much discomfort up to Daisy’s visit but it managed to distract him for a short while.Daisy was discharged on Wednesday at the end of her IVs. She is still needing oxygen at the moment but we have that at home so can gradually reduce it as she gets back to full strength. We are now trying to catch up with all the Christmas preparations that have gone by the way side during the last two weeks. We’ll try to post some Daisy Christmas pictures at the weekend but until then we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and wish a very happy New Year x

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