The rain is falling but Glasgow is calling!

Day Two is well under way as Team Daisy cycle through the heavy rain to Glasgow. You can click on the map below to get a bigger view of their route for today.

Cycle route 2

We knew the forecast wasn’t good but they have ploughed on regardless under the watchful eye of the support drivers Laura and Cheryl.

En route to Garelochhead

En route to Garelochhead 2

Although the conditions¬†aren’t ideal they have already made it to their first stop, Garelochhead. They’ve had a refuel and even managed to get a little gift for Daisy!

Daisy's teddy

The Team are now bound for their next stop in Dumbarton and the pouring rain will not be able to dampen their spirits because they have the luxury of an actual hotel to stay in tonight!! We really are spoiling them!!

Finally, a little thank you to a kind lady who donated £10 to Team Daisy in the Youth Hostel this morning. The Team also received a £15 donation when they were having tea last night at The Tyndrum Inn. All for an amazing charity and gives the Team a boost as they cycle their way through the challenge.

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