School’s out for summer!

Well we’ve all made it to the summer holidays!! The magical time of year when school, appointments and stress fade away and we are left to our own devices…Daddy usually gives us a week until we’re phoning him at work because we’re bored on our own!! ? Before the holidays really kick in I thought I should do a bit of a recap of the last few weeks…
We had a respiratory review at Manchester Children’s Hospital at the end of May and Dr Child was pleased with how Daisy was managing on the three monthly IV antibiotic regime. She wanted to see if we could leave a longer gap between courses of antibiotics – there’s so much panic about building up resistance to certain drugs and them not being effective if she was to become ill. We agreed to not give her IVs this time and wait until she actually needed them. Well Daisy clearly was not happy with this plan, she lasted a whole week until she became unwell. We took her to A&E because they do a full service and MOT for us(!) After being hopeful that it was just a virus and we could head home, the Drs decided that with her blood results they wanted to start IV antibiotics! Thankfully we were only in for one night because I could carry on with them at home.Daisy’s been having a few issues with her buggy. Her dislocated hip means that it is tricky to get her sat in a good position and she often extends her limbs when she’s unhappy. Wheelchair Services reviewed her and decided to create a moulded seat instead. They spent quite a long time getting her in a good position that will keep her body aligned. It will be ready for collection on 11th August which will be here before we know it. Hopefully she’ll be more supported and will not be able to get herself into such wonky positions!Forward planning isn’t always a strength of ours. We’ve been meaning to go to Slattery’s since a recommendation from the Intensive Care nurses in January 2014. Every time we have tried to book for birthday treats it has been full. I did this again when it was Paul’s birthday in Feb but decided that I’d get in their early and book for Father’s Day instead! Well June finally came and we were able to take Daddy for his special treat. It was chocolate heaven!!After Daddy was defeated by a smorgasbord of chocolate desserts, we headed home to allow our blood sugar levels to return to normal! We were suffering from a rather severe chocolate hangover all afternoon and were in dire need of some fresh air. Daisy dragged her feeble parents to George’s pond to feed and admire the fluffy moorhen chicks. So cute!Daisy’s cousin Ruby was doing a charity walk the following day. When we found out it was a superhero walk it went without saying that Dynamic Daisy would join the fun!! With her cape flapping and a mask to hide her true identity, we strolled around the Haigh Hall route and crossed the finish line together to get a medal and certificate! A lovely day and all for a brilliant cause!We had the company of Ruby again the following week for the Leisure for All Skate Night at Wigan Roller Rink. Daddy and Daisy were doing their usual speedy laps and Ruby was doing so well on her new roller boots. She’ll be rivalling Paul soon!Daisy’s little cousin Lily came to play when her childminder was closed. We made the most of the dry weather and I tried to be daring by taking them both strawberry picking at Kenyon Hall Farm. I’ll admit it was a bit tricky at times because Daisy’s not a big fan of being in her chair unless it’s moving and pushing her across the field was a bit tough going. Nonetheless we enjoyed ourselves and collected two punnets!The summer term can only mean one thing…Sports Day! It was one of my least favourite days of the year when I was at school but I was very excited when we got the letter about Daisy’s. All the children had been put into teams and had been assigned a country/colour – Daisy had to wear yellow for Team Australia! Parents didn’t watch the events but they very kiddy gave me some pictures of her in action!During the last couple of months, Daisy has shown that she is becoming more aware of her surroundings and this has been noticed in school too. She seems to have a clearer idea of what she likes and is making more use of her vision and hearing. We were delighted when she got another Star of the week award for her responses and participation. She’s an absolute superstar and makes us so proud.As well as the trip to Slattery’s, we also got Daddy a fishing rod licence for Father’s Day. He decided to put it to use for the first time with our godchildren and Daisy’s little friends, Sophie and Alex. We went to Orrell Water Park with fishing pole, chairs and bait in hand. Daisy was marginally less enthralled than Daddy but she enjoyed the fresh air and was happy to carry out a supporting role! The following week saw Daisy’s and Ruby’s schools close due to strike action so we ventured out to Walton Gardens to try out the new park. We managed to get Daisy on a few different things because one of the slides had a ramp rather than a ladder up to it. The favourite was definitely the roundabout. Daisy was really giggling as it went round and it was lovely that they could both be on it together.Later that week we also managed to have another hydrotherapy session at Derian House. Daisy really enjoyed the float again and played with lots of different toys. We are still in the process of trying to get her back in the pool at school but it might not come to fruition. I think it’s a tricky thing for them to implement with the ‘health and safety’ obsession that has gripped the world. Even if she can’t access the pool at school, I’m happy that we have been able to use Derian’s in recent weeks. This school year has seen the passing of two lovely little boys who were Daisy’s classmates. To remember and celebrate them it was decided that Class 1 would have a ‘Celebration of life’ day on Friday. The children could dress as their favourite superhero or character and after much deliberation it was decided that Daisy would go as her alter ego…Ariel the Little Mermaid!! Is the wig a bit too much?!Well that brings another academic year to a close and means that Daisy is going to enjoy her last holiday before she starts school FULL TIME in September!! We can’t quite believe that she’s old enough to go to school and also that she’s in a position where being at school all day is a realistic prospect. Just amazing! So here’s to six weeks of fun and frolics. We hope you all have an amazing summer ☀️ xx

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