Scafell was a walk in the Pike for Team Daisy!! (Well…maybe not…!!)

Don’t panic, for those worrying about the lack of updates yesterday, Team Daisy conquered Scafell Pike (eventually!). We had no phone or internet signal all day. As some of you will know, I had to dash back from the Lakes straight to HDU on Rainbow Ward as Daisy was brought in by ambulance at about 11:30pm last night. Daisy obviously saw me climbing a mountain as the perfect chance to create mayhem! I took a very deep breathe, had a sugary tea and survived a night in the armchair next to her cot with throbbing feet and aching legs!! All for a good cause though!!


As I sit here in the hospital with Daisy, I am struggling to find the words to describe yesterday’s adventures!! I think I’ll settle with an ORDEAL!! The preparations began in the Hostel as the maps were studied and the compass took centre stage.

Hostel 8 Hostel 2 Hostel 5 Hostel 12


After a night of birthday celebrations and banter, spirits were high and were further heightened by the arrival of some additional Team Daisy members – Heidi (Daisy’s Mummy) and Alex’s Dad and Brother, Steve and Sam.

Heading up (10)


With rucksacks loaded and layers on, Team Daisy began their ascent of Scafell Pike at the path leading from Seathwaite just before 11am. It began with a gentle meander from the farm over ‘a handsome bridge’ and down into the Borrowdale Valley.

Seeting off Setting off (7)
Setting off 3 Setting off 4Setting off (8)


This definitely gave us false hope about the terrain we were to face later in the day! The path seemed pretty straight forward with lost of loose rock but nothing too unnerving. We made our way up to Sty Head Tarn with the Mountain Rescue’s Stretcher Box very handily placed!

Scenery (6)Heading up (14) Heading up (25)  Stretcher box


It was then that things started to go a little awry as Team Daisy found themselves off course. After possibly an hour of desperately scouring the map and repeatedly reading the guide – the mythical path was failing to show itself. It began to become a seriously possibility that this would be a challenge too far and we wouldn’t be able to locate which of the mountains was actually Scafell Pike, never mind reach the summit! With only sheep in sight and limited other options, Team Daisy made a desperate scramble up some horrendous terrain to see if higher ground would help us in our quest…

Lost (2)LostScrambling (6) Rock climbing 2

To our relief, we all made it up there safely and found the illusive path that had caused us so many problems – pretty testing times but we ploughed on!Lost (3)

We won’t lie, the rest of the climb was harrowing at times but Team Daisy showed their commitment in blood, sweat and tears (literally!). With pauses and water stops to ensure that we stayed together as a team, we reached the summit against the odds. I couldn’t begin to describe the climb and the effort it took from the Team, but trust me when I say that they earned your support and donations on this climb alone!

Heading up (12) Heading up (18) Heading up 4 Rock climbingHeading up 5 Quick stop (4)

Team Daisy conquer Scafell Pike!Summit (6)

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