Roll on Summer!

As you will have seen over the last five years, Daisy’s always one to keep herself busy. She loves an adventure and any opportunity to get out and about – May half term was no exception! We have been on the waiting list for a regular slot at Hydro at the Barn for quite a while. It’s an amazing hydrotherapy pool in Clayton le Moors that can be booked for individual hour long sessions. We were delighted when they contacted us to say that we could have a Sunday morning slot every four weeks, the first one falling in half term. The four of us went to hydro and it received a mixed response…Daisy Duck loved it but the little Chick was not impressed and screamed for the first ten minutes!! We treated ourselves to a fabulous Disney-themed afternoon tea afterwards at a gorgeous little place called Hutch.After polishing off everything but the cupcakes (they came home for later!), we decided to stretch our legs and get some fresh air before heading home. Just round the corner from the cafe was a little pond and park. Daisy loved the breeze and had a go on the slide and the rocking horse. A return visit is definitely needed!We love doing anything crafty so loved our visit to Bents Garden Centre to decorate a plant pot and plant some seeds. Daisy did some fabulous finger painting with help from Daddy. Now we just need to keep watering the seeds and hope for the best! It’s often a bit of a juggle with two gorgeous girls to look after and this was definitely the case during half term (how dare Grandma and Granddad go on holiday?!). We didn’t let it stop us too much and made use of our new gadget – the buggy pod! It is a little seat that clips on to the side of Daisy’s chair. It makes it possible for me to take them both out on my own, even if it’s just to the supermarket! Daisy was also receiving lots of attention from her little sister during the school holidays, perhaps too much attention!! It seems that Daisy and her wedge are an excellent climbing frame!Daisy loves being at school so much and really misses it during the holidays. She’s really lucky that she still gets to see some of the lovely people from Class 1 – her PAs Laura and Ruth. The three amigos went on their first day out in May and chose Walton Gardens as the backdrop! Daisy had a fabulous time on the park, the rides, the train and the zoo. The smile says it all!With the weather getting warmer, Daddy dusted off the all-terrain buggy so we could head off on a family bike ride. Daisy loves the wind rushing past her and seeing the trees and the sky above her. It was part of Mummy’s training for the upcoming Wigan Bike Ride and was a bit of a rude awakening…much more training was needed!We love any excuse for Daisy to get involved in events at school and the first week back after half term was Arts Week. Daisy was joining in with lots of different forms of dancing and it all culminated in a spot of barn dancing. Our little cowgirl got into character and had a fabulous time. She just looked too cute and definitely ready for the Wild West!For a long time we have wanted some comfortable but supportive seating for Daisy at home. She is usually on our knee or lay down so we wanted her to be upright and able to interact better. We were really excited to get delivery of her Ppod seat. It is moulded to her so gives her support and allows us to give her a change of position and some independence. She also had more exciting news this week because she received the Star of the Week award for all her hard work in her standing frame and for being so interested in all the seaside activities in class. We super proud of our little star!June was a bit like buses…you wait for one Daisy purchase and two come along at once! We had fought to try to get Daisy back in the pool. We completely understand why people are cautious but it was something we felt very strongly about. We have been managing with holding her or using a floatsation (a float filled with plastic balls that helps to take some of Daisy weight and allow her to feel some freedom). We had seen something new at the Kidz up North exhibition and couldn’t resist – the Hydro Pod! It is made by the same company as her Ppod and they moulded her at home before going away and creating the seat. It is a pretty hefty piece of kit but it means that Daisy can float on her own and we can angle the seat so she is as submerged as we would like. It is so brilliant to have our hands free to play with her rather than have to fully support her weight. This was the first attempt and using it…Daisy’s sporting achievements have already surpassed her Mummy’s, none more so than her Sports Day performance! Daisy was representing Team Australia and decided to fully embrace the theme (as always!). She joined in with lots of different sports and managed to help her team to finish 1st overall! Not just a swimming star but a high-flying athlete too! Well done Daisy!We have continued to get braver with the Hydro-Pod and invited her cousins to Hydro at the Barn so they could all see her in it. They were happily playing and splashing around her and it was so lovely to know that Daisy was safe and secure in the water. The floats almost act as a bit of a barrier to keep away any over enthusiastic siblings/cousins and also allows them to hold on to it and swim around with her. It’s brilliant and was worth every penny.Just before the Summer holidays was the inaugural Wigan Bike Ride. Daddy was signed up for the 50 mile ride. Mummy isn’t much of a cyclist but was determined to get a medal for Daisy so we signed up for the 5 mile ride. It was a lovely atmosphere and lots of people were shouting support as I towed Daisy along the route. My main worry was not being able to see if she was okay or hear if she needed suctioning so her Uncle Adam agreed to run alongside Daisy and keep a watchful eye. Hopefully I’ll be a bit quicker next year and won’t find the hill in Mesnes Park quite so tough!Well that brings us up to the Summer holidays. We’ve got holidays, days out and hopefully lots of fun to be had so will have lots of pictures to share with you in September! Have a great summer everyone! x

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