How can there be any rain left?! – Day Three

Team Daisy are battling their way through Bertha’s leftovers to reach their destination, Gretna.

They left Glasgow this morning after a more pleasant night – what a difference ┬áhotel makes!!

Leaving Glasgow

Leaving Glasgow 2

Leaving Glasgow 4 Leaving Glasgow 3

The first stop for the day was Larkhall and saw more generosity being shown to Team Daisy. The Team stopped at a lovely tearoom in Larkhall and received free flapjacks from the kind staff. Very much appreciated (even if the faces show a slightly pained expression – we’ll forgive them that!)

Larkhall 5

Larkhall 4

Paul assumed his role as Team Daisy mechanic and got to work on the bikes, ensuring that they could get back on the road and head to their next stop. (Although with the weather they were about to face, they might wish he hadn’t bothered!)

Larkhall 2 Larkhall 3 Larkhall

As they left Larkhall and tried to eat into their 90 mile target for today, Team Daisy found themselves in pretty horrendous weather. Laura, the Chief of Support Vehicle Driving, managed to capture the Team as they fought their way through some sort of monsoon and gale force wind! It takes some commitment to keep going in these conditions. Laura and Cheryl have also had to contend with some sort of explosion in the Support Vehicle – it turns out that cyclists in the midst of a challenge are not the most careful with their belongings!

Typhoon 2 Typhoon

Support vehicle chaos

Onwards to Crawford (stop no. 2)

On to Crawford On to Crawford 2

More pictures and updates to follow – Check out the video on the Donate4Daisy Facebook page to see the sort of conditions that Team Daisy are facing.

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